Smoked Barbecue gives a wholesome and gourmet flavor of Southern BBQ right in the heart of New York City – Restaurant Review

Smoked Barbecue
103 2nd Avenue (6th Street)
New York, NY 10003

Service: B
Quality and Taste: A
Environment: A
Pricing: $10-$13 Entrees
Overall Rating: A-

HotIndieNews’ Restaurant Reviewers were at the Press Dinner for NYC’s new and acclaimed Smoked. Smoked gives a wholesome and gourmet flavor of Southern BBQ right in the heart of New York City. Each appetizer and entree had a unique and distinct flavor. Many BBQ restaurants have an overflow of grease and lack authenticity. Smoke’s dishes stand out because they are light on the stomach and abundant in flavor.

The meal began with starters , such as grilled lamb sausage with tomato and lime chutney, Mesquite grilled shrimp with sweet potato cake and cayenne remoulade, and Louisiana sweet potato ravioli with sweet potato and sweet herb butter. Each starter awakened the taste buds with its unique combinations and seasonings. However, the lamb sausage’s taste of grounded and slightly charred lamb without the overpowering fennel and black pepper spice of most other sausages stood out. I thought, “If the starters were this cleverly assembled and incredibly tasteful, I can’t even imagine how the entrees will be.” Well, get ready to feel hungry… Our entrees were 1/2 rack of baby back ribs, boneless BBQ beef short ribs, and smoked duck confit. All the entrees were served with three different BBQ sauces- Texas beer braised, Carolina hot and sweet spicy Asian. Smoked entrees will surely make you sit back and take a deep breathe of satisfaction. The entree that stood out for me were the boneless BBQ beef short ribs. These little culinary wonders were so tender and succulent that the flavor of the beef slides right off of your fork and melts in your mouth. Accompanied with the Carolina hot BBQ sauce, this dish will make every New Yorker shout,”Weee doggies.” With our light, yet hearty meal, we drank a special house drink called Lynchburg lemonade. This combination of Jack Daniels and lemonade gives a refreshing and cool Tennessee kick. For dessert, we were served pecan pie with hazelnut ice cream, and chocolate mud mousse cake with Oreo cookie crumbs and raspberries. Both were sweet exclamations to an excellent meal, but the rich and sweet flavor of the Pecan pie had me convinced that I was in the comfort of a southern home instead of a NYC restaurant. With its great food, and spacious environment, Smoked is sure to satisfy.


Author: Alfonso Biondi