Beast, Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY – Restaurant Review

638 Bergen Street at Vanderbilt Avenue
Prospect Heights, Brooklyn, NY

Service: B+
Quality and Taste: A+
Environment: A-
Pricing: $10-$13 Entrees
Overall Rating: A-

Beast is unlike any restaurant you will ever attend. The light and tasty tapas and artistically arranged dishes here add a delightful twist to traditional cuisine.

The meal began with a basket of fresh baked bread with oregano and olive oil. After, the quick and speedy service of Beast brought an excellent arugala, feta, and pickled fennel salad in a citrus vinaigrette complimented with house marinated olives. For the main course, we had marinated lamb kebobs topped with vegetable salsa. After tasting such succulent, juicy lamb with a perfect balance of vegetable salsa, I did not think that the dinner could get better. Foolish me, I did not yet taste the roasted red piquillo peppers stuffed with salt cod. This new and clever dish will awaken every tastebud in your mouth and make you reach for another serving. For desert, we were served grilled baby bananas with house made pistachio ice cream topped with blood orange caramel sauce, and a chocolate bergamont pot de creme. The grilled baby banana and pistachio ice cream packed a delightful punch to the sweet tooth and was a cool and refreshing dish. But, nothing compared to the chocolate paradise experienced in the chocolate bergamot pot de creme. Each spoon had an incredible richness and smooth flavor. Chocolate lovers beware- you will never go back to your boring and typical chocolate desert dishes again(PLEASE TAKE A MINUTE TO WIPE YOUR WATERING MOUTH). The dim lighting and cool background of classical rock music gives the atmosphere a cool and friendly feel. The restaurant’s beautiful stained glass and brick wall lining also gives the authentic and hospitable feel of an old English tavern. Be sure to check out what is sure to become one of New York’s hot restaurant spots at Beast. We have also provided a current menu of Beast’s tasty dishes.


Author: Alfonso Biondi