Cafe El Espanol, Flushing, NY – Restaurant Review

Cafe El Espanol
5771 College Point Blvd
Flushing, NY 11355
(718) 353-5263

Service: A+
Quality and Taste: A
Environment: A-
Pricing: $15-$20 Entrees
Overall Rating: A

If you like traditional Spanish and Mexican food-this is the spot. Cafe El Espanol gives you the best of Spain and Mexico in every dish.

Each meal is started with a small dish of home made tortillas with black bean and tomato dips. If you choose appetizers before your entree, expect some generous and tasty portions. Before my entree, I ordered a dish of calamari. The fish was so fresh and enormous that I thought that someone had finally caught the Giant Squid. For my entree I ordered Paella Valenciana (Mixed Seafood over a bed of yellow rice and Churisso sausage). When the food arrived the waiter delivered it in a hot steel pot and served my portion right in front of me.

And of course, what would a great Spanish meal be without a nice glass of Sangria? Well this Sangria had the perfect wine and fruit distribution that you can drink a whole pitcher with your meal and not even realize it. Be sure to eat the wine soaked citrus and apple slices after each glass you drink. For dessert, I ordered custard Flan (a small tart with a filling of custard, fruit, or cheese.) The flan was very light, but at the same time very flavorful. It was a great compliment to a hearty meal. As great as the food was, so was the atmosphere. From the outside, the restaurant looks very small. But once you are inside you’ll see that it is quite spacious. The dim lighting and quick service gives Cafe El Espanol a very cozy and private feel.


Author: Alfonso Biondi